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Demand for electrical installation is driven by the level of activity in areas of the construction industry in the UK, specifically, housing, industrial and commercial building, the public sector, infrastructure, and repairs, maintenance and refurbishment. Of these, the repair, maintenance and refurbishment sector is currently the most buoyant for contractors. In addition, refurbishment tends to be more labour intensive, requiring the removal of existing electrical wiring and systems, followed by the installation of the new work. Frequently the need for refurbishment is necessitated by the increased usage of existing systems, which results in the potential overload of wiring and electrical systems, the need to update IT and telecommunications systems, and the increased use of the Internet and web-based applications.

Industrial construction accounts for approximately a quarter of the value of all commercial building, reflecting the demand of factory and industrial premises compared with offices. Nationally, the manufacturing industry in the UK has been in decline for some time, and manufacturers have been reducing production capacity and releasing factory space and reduced the need for new construction. In comparison, the demand for office space remains strong, particularly in the major cities. This difference in demand in electrical installation also reflects the gradual move by UK companies away from manufacturing, towards hi-tech and commercial businesses.

Investment in UK infrastructure has been low for some time, although public demand and recent problems with the existing infrastructure, notably railways, roads and airports, is now driving new investment programmes.

Public sector investment in schools, hospitals and other buildings remains fairly static, with the UK Government trying to encourage more private investment in this sector by persuading commercial organisations to build and fund the provision of new education and healthcare facilities.

David Sykes Electrical carries out a wide variety of electrical installations within the above four sectors. These cover lighting installations, power installations, emergency lighting, fire alarms, security systems, building management systems, hazardous areas, control systems, data infrastructure cabling and low voltage jointing.


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