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Electrical design and installation

The electrical system of a modern home, office or factory can be much more than just light and power in each room. For example, within the domestic environment, there are many issues to consider when producing an electrical design and installation for the home. These include:

  • House lighting and power.
  • TV and video, home cinema and audio.
  • Access control, intruder and fire / smoke alarm systems.
  • Security and courtesy lighting.
  • Home automation.
  • Heating system, heat recovery, ventilation and air conditioning.
  • Fluid pumps, macerators, power showers etc.
  • Computer networks and external communications ­ BT, cable and radio.
  • Messaging systems and intercoms / baby alarms.
  • Garden lighting and power, gate control and water features.
  • Outbuildings - lighting, power and heating.
  • Ecological systems - rainwater / waste water harvesting and recycling and renewable energy sources.

The first task to be considered is to decide what activities will be carried out in each area of the home. In particular:

  • Domestic - cooking, ironing, washing, cleaning etc
  • Work related - computing, telephoning etc
  • Entertaining - dining, dancing etc
  • Relaxation - reading, watching TV, doing hobbies, playing with the children etc.

Think about your family's lifestyle and where you want to do everything that you like to do. Work through your family's activities during a typical day or week to make sure that all activities have been considered that need to be accommodated within the electrical design and installation. Once you have a list or brief you can then contact David Sykes Electrical who will review plans of the building and discuss the scope of the work with you before producing the detailed electrical design. Our own trained engineers and electricians, using AutoCAD drawing facilities and state of the art computer packages for cable calculations and lighting design, will provide the most effective design and energy efficient solutions available in full compliance with the latest national and international standards.

Our comprehensive electrical design and installation design service, whether for domestic or commercial projects, covers consultation, planning and design, including the preparation of specifications and working drawings. We liaise with architects, consultants, construction contractors and the client, ensuring the highest standards of electrical design, installation and maintenance for both new and refurbished projects.

On completion, a full test and inspection procedure is undertaken before the installation is commissioned and finally handed over with drawing and operating manuals as required.


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